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During this Easter Sunday (April 16), we're gathering for music, celebration, performing arts, and an art gallery with the theme Turning Point.

We welcome any artists to share their work that relates to the theme: “Turning Point” - This is an invitation to express how the resurrection of Christ became a turning point for each of us.

Here's some more details on our Easter weekend:

1.    April 13, Thursday Seder Dinner - Families partake in a traditional Passover Seder dinner. This is a time to reflect on how was the Passover a turning point for the people of Israel and how was Jesus death a turning point for all of humanity.

2.   April 16, Easter Sunrise Service – how was the resurrection a turning point for the disciples, for human history?

3.   April 16, Easter Morning service and art gallery – portraying the theme of Turning Point in art and in worship.


Anyone interested can contact  addison.lacasse@wccf.ca 

Photos from Last Year's Theme:  New Creation, New Life.

Photos from Last Year's Theme: New Creation, New Life.